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Save the children of Gaza from poverty. As it was said "Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime".

Nearly 2 million people in the Gaza Strip live more than 75% below the poverty line, and that 70% of the population of the Gaza Strip is food insecure and that is due to the "aggressive Israeli practices accumulated since the second intifada in 2000, And depriving thousands of heads of Palestinian families of their livelihoods, "in addition to the Israeli blockade imposed by Israel on the Gaza Strip since 2006, and the restriction of the movement of citizens and goods, in addition to three wars in the years 2008, 2012 and 2014, In addition to the Palestinian division, which created a complex and difficult political, economic and social reality, "the indicators of poverty in Gaza" are the highest in the world, and Israel imposed nearly 13 years ago a tight siege on Gaza, which led to a significant increase in the rates of poverty and unemployment in the densely populated sector.

We are in a big prison, due to the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip, which lasts for years, where food aid, medical aid, building materials, electricity are permanently cut off more than 16 hours a day, fuel shortages, and safe drinking water, More than 1/3 of the drugs were out of stock, and many families without adequate clothing, food, shelter, and fuel, The unemployment rate increased by more than 75%, and among the 2 million people 48% are children.

These children are the most victims of this severe Israeli blockade, without a future, with the possibility of remaining throughout their lives, with a miserable and miserable life. Just imagine how these families would spend their lives without a home to live, without food, clothes, milk or medical treatments? Many families are waiting for your help with much hope, let us alleviate their suffering. Donate and make them smile again. You can be a source of happiness for the children of Gaza. Donate a little, it means a lot to them, I hope to help me in trying to provide food to many poor families and poor children.

Please help by donating and sharing this fundraising campaign, I would be very grateful to every single donor, even a little. I know there are many good people all over the world who are ready, To fulfill the dream of the children of Gaza.

Thank you very much, Thank you for your trust, we wish you happiness.

by hmn.X.gaza

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