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Hello .. Our affairs have changed after my Japanese friend supported us and donated to my family and to stand by our side. we have got a better life and a better life indeed. we were in the world of the dead. yes my friends and now we are thanks to the kindness of the music artist Japanese.

We are at best We have, after his generous support, bought food, drinks, and purchased medicines and household items. Yes we are better thanks to his generous support. We were in the forgotten world. No one looks at us. No one I have lived in very difficult circumstances.

I hope that your support will continue for us.

I hope that everything is fine. We need you.

Thank you all.

by hmn.X.gaza

This I did from your donations that you sent to us.

This is Rami, for the first time he enters a restaurant.

This is Rami and the children of my extended family. They are really smiling. Thank you very much, my friend. We are here. Yes, we need your continued support. Tell the Japanese people.

by hmn.X.gaza

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