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They tightened the blockade

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how are you
We are now facing grave danger in Gaza
The Israeli occupation has shut down the main crossing that supplies Gaza with electricity, supplies and food

They tightened the blockade
The situation here in Gaza is now very affected. Everyone is suffering now
The Gaza power plant will stop operating at full production capacity next Tuesday.
And that the station stops working due to the running out of fuel as a result of the closure of the Kerem Shalom crossing by the Israeli occupation Since last Wednesday, the fuel needed to operate the station has been banned.
And that this caused an increase in the deficit in the supply of electric energy to the citizens, so that the deficit rate became more than 75%.If the station stops operating, it will negatively affect all aspects of life in the Gaza Strip, and we hold the Israeli occupation fully responsible for all the disastrous consequences of that.

2020.8.17 4:45 by Hamza Ahmad

I sympathize with your sadness.
Don't forget brave.
Please live just.
I'll send your voices around the world.

2020.8.17 7:11 by Masashi Motokado

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