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The largest building block in the world

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Today, I will write about the conditions revolving around "the Trump deal" that Trump set against the Palestinian people and pro-Jews. It is robbing the Palestinian lands and giving them to the benefit of the Israeli entity.

The annexation plan aims to empower the occupation's existence on the Palestinian and other Arab territories in the future. It mainly serves Israeli military goals. About 2369 Palestinian homes and facilities were demolished by Zionist Jewish occupation forces since 1967 until now in occupied Jerusalem only apart of other Palestinian districts, thousands of Palestinian citizens were forcibly displaced at gunpoint!

Terrified terrorized Palestinian child VS 4 heavily armed Zionist occupation soldiers in Alkhalil City (Hebron)... Small part of Palestinian children living under Zionist military occupation... Three eyeballs today. This is what the Palestinian people suffer in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and Hebron. So that the Jews can displace them and take away their lands.

In a nutshell, and in a few lines, I will talk to you about how the future of the Gaza Strip will become in the future, months to come, and years to come ... Dear Mr."..." Gaza Strip, the population exceeded two and a half million people in an area of ​​350 square kilometers. There are two main gates in the Gaza Strip, two main gates controlled by Israel and a gate controlled by Egypt, and they are both closed.

They only enter goods. We cannot travel to neighboring countries... The Israeli entity is trying to intimidate us and put pressure on us by blocking the unjust and starving. There are no job opportunities. There is no health or education. The situation is very bad. We know very well and are waiting for a war that will come because Israel daily threatens Gaza with a comprehensive war against Gaza.

They want to expel us until they get to the ground. The situation is very bad. Gaza is almost non-existent. Life is not suitable for living. There is not enough electricity, or electricity for electricity reaches us today. Only 6 hours a day. Tens of children die annually, and dialysis patients in hospitals because of the power outages.

The pictures of the largest building block in the world bellow. An aerial view of the Gaza Strip. See how buildings, iron sheets and steel plates and plastic stick to each other because there are no empty lands in the Gaza Strip.

by hmn.X.gaza

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