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Today, Wednesday 3/6/2020, from the Gaza Strip, the moon of Gaza, as a friend, how are you friends?

Yes, today from Gaza, I woke up this morning, there is no electricity, the Internet is not available for long hours, or electricity and the weather is very hot here in Gaza. We know that we are surrounded, but all this is because of the occupation. Our house is made of iron sheets. I hope we will help us in building a house consisting only of a room, bathroom and kitchen. I hope so.

I thank my friend, the music artist, the Japanese people's artist next to us, helping us and supporting us. Thanks a lot. We are suffering from humanitarian disasters in the Gaza Strip, including health, drinking water, electricity and education. I suffer every day for my family. We are looking for a surgical operation for Rami, we are looking for someone who helps us with food in building our house, who helps us with the education of someone who helps us in a sewing shop, we hope that please help me and communicate with us on Moon Gaza.

Thank you all my greetings to you.

by hmn.X.gaza

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