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Only 15% of the lands

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The Palestinian citizen Ibrahim Mustafa Yaqoub (33 years old) who was murdered by Zionist occupation soldiers in cold blood few minutes ago, he was shot in the neck, and a friend of him was shot injured. Ibrahim and his friends were jogging inside their own village Kefl Hares, when Zionist occupation soldiers decided to make them a target for their bullets just because they are Palestinians!

Every day there is a victim of my oppressed people. The Palestinian people are Israeli soldiers. We do not know why our land was kidnapped and our people do not know why they are dealing with this criminal Israeli occupation afflicting children And for women, men, and the elderly, the goal of the Israeli occupation is to expel us from Palestine. There is nothing left of Palestine. All of our lands have become to Israel. The occupation of Israel is a criminal occupier. Britain has given our land to Jewish gangs and foundations. A state on our Palestinian lands, and now we are surrounded by what is left of Palestine, only 15% of the lands.

by hmn.X.gaza

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