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· Hope

When I was seventeen years old, I would have liked to buy a camera to photograph the war, the poor, and the blockades that are taking place in the Gaza Strip, and all that I watch to transfer the image about the science, so I have an artistic desire. I want to photograph the landscape Morality. I want to portray the children of the sea and they would all be exhausted and broken by poverty.

Here we wish to achieve and provide food and drink instead of creating small projects to bring in money. There is no one to support us for small projects. This is very difficult. Why do not I know Everything in my dreams has been shattered. Here Gaza there is desperation and death and lack of hope in Gaza, there is destruction, there is children crying from hunger children crying from hearing the sound of bombing and destruction.

I hope we live in peace and a better life. We do not want wars and destruction. We want to live in dignity, independence and freedom.

We want to work and excellence. We want to become the sister and friendly country of Japan.


by hmn.X.gaza

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