I am Hamda from Gaza, I trained in the profession of sewing and embroidery in an institution and learned, I thought it was easy to get a work center to earn money and work actively and diligently, but the conditions in Gaza do not allow me to work. I do not have the capital to buy Sewing tools such as the sewing machine, threads, scissors and fabrics, and not all the necessary tools.

I am from a poor family. I hope that I find someone who supports my sewing project here in Gaza. My dreams ... And therefore, I learned in a vocational training institution, the art of makeup and bridal preparation here in Gaza to draw a smile on the faces of young women and at a rate of excellence that happened in the plastic arts and I wish I could become a bridal hairdresser. But I cannot do anything because no one is supporting my project.

I am from a poor family. I also wished to buy a Canon camera to photograph it and earn money in this field. I photograph the sea in Gaza. The children are the same. Nature, looking at the bright side of the Gaza Strip, conveying the beautiful image in the Gaza Strip and conveying the facts, but my dreams were shattered due to the blockade and poverty, and there is no one who supports us and stands beside us and helps us.

I hope those who hear our voices. I ask for help and screaming loudly Have mercy on us and stand beside me and my family and the people of Gaza. Greetings to all of you Greetings to the Japanese people Greetings to the page and founder of the artist page.

by hmn.X.gaza

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