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On this day, as of 7/27/2014, the war on Gaza was not envisioning the power of war, including killing, destruction, and aggression, from the injustice of the Israeli occupation, from the Israeli warplanes, from the sea, the gunboats, and from the artillery ground.Heavy, armored tanks and bulldozers were a very difficult day.

About 150 people were killed on the first day. No one saved us. We were appealing to the International Red Cross and appealing to the International Security Council and appealing to the world to stop the aggression. The Israelis hoped that the aggression would stop every moment, but to no avail.

The days of dead and wounded, and the bodies decomposed and lying in the streets have passed. We do not know what to do. We do not know where to go, and with international efforts from major countries, stop the Israeli aggression on Gaza after killing 2,500 and injuring thousands and prisoners and the war ends and the invading people remain without homes because of the Israeli occupation's demolition of civilian homes.

A lot of vital installations, homes and cars were damaged. How much do we know in Gaza that we are trapped. The thing that we lose will not return because we do not have things available because of the blockade. We do not know why the world forgets the small spot that lives It has 2.5 million people, why don't they save us from the occupation, and to this day the effects of the war have not ended.

The destruction of homes, the poverty, the hunger, the water, the unemployment, and everything I hope the world looks at us. Thank you very much.

by hmn.X.gaza

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