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Israeli F-35 fighter

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On a quiet night at 11:30 pm on June 26/2020, on Sunday.

I was asleep until I greeted a new morning. I was surprised, I was very explosive, I woke up terrified, children screamed. It was a difficult night. I was surprised by the power of very powerful explosions. I was rocked while I was in my bed. I was terrified of my bed. I woke up to the screaming of children. The night was scary. The electricity was cut off, the internet went down, and the water was cut off due to what the heavy Israeli F-35 fighter missiles left behind. We felt an earthquake and we had a frightening night ...

It is not the first time the hateful Israeli army does against the Gaza Strip every month, and every year it does and scares the civilian population. I do not know where human rights or children's rights are, or where are the countries that silence before Israel and the USA.

by hmn.X.gaza

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