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The occupation forces continue their collective punishments against the protected civilian population in the Gaza Strip and tighten its continuous siege for thirteen years, completely preventing the entry of industrial fuel, despite the dangerous developments, especially the discovery Six cases of Coronavirus, outside the quarantine places.

Al-Mezan Center condemns the continuation and tightening of the siege and the continuing attacks of war, in light of the real danger posed by The deterioration of the health sector's infrastructure and the possibility of the epidemic spinning out of control, which the Center warned several times against, and the international community calls for immediate and effective action.

It should be noted that the population of the Gaza Strip is suffering from a deteriorating situation It is preceded in basic services due to the continuation of the Israeli blockade, which makes the outbreak of Corona an existing threat and threatens a real disaster, in light of the deterioration of the health services and the interruption of electricity for about (20 hours) Daily. The Israeli restrictions constitute a decisive factor in undermining the efforts to besiege and prevent the epidemic, including the preservation of samples and the continued work of governmental, private and private medical laboratories, and frustrate the capacity of modest hospitals.Originally to fulfill their duties towards patients.

The facts indicate that the Israeli occupation authorities have not paid any attention to the deteriorating humanitarian conditions and the grave threats to the collapse of the health system and the water and sanitation management system.And the ban on the entry of industrial fuel needed to operate the only power plant in the Gaza Strip has continued, as its stoppage has caused an increase in the electric power deficit to reach (80%).The Corona pandemic comes at a time when the Palestinian economy in the Gaza Strip is witnessing an accelerating and unprecedented collapse, and the phenomenon of unemployment is spreading to affect more than half of the workforce, and the proportion of the poor in society has increased by more than half Population The problem of food insecurity is exacerbated, affecting about 70% of the population, as families face difficulties in providing the quantity and quality of food due to limited financial resources. The problem of power outages is paid with an array of Families To further deterioration of humanitarian conditions and economic collapse.

As soon as the four cases infected with the virus were discovered outside the quarantine places, the competent authorities in the Gaza Strip announced the imposition of a curfew Residents must stop and suspend work in all facilities and institutions, as a quick response to prevent the outbreak of Coronavirus.

The Ministry of Health indicated in a press conference Monday24/8/2020 to the seriousness of the health conditions, as laboratory tests for Coronavirus are exhausted and limited, and they urgently need samples for Corona virus examination, confirming that the health sector faces a shortage of medicines by(45%), medical supplies by (31%), and a decrease (65%) in laboratory supplies and blood banks.

In this context, the Director of the Laboratories Department at the Ministry of Health announced (via the Ministry of E-Health page) that Power cuts that extend for long and continuous hours lead to the failure to complete the required laboratory tests, as you need continuous electrical current, especially the samples that need to be stored As examination materials (Corona virus) - at a temperature of minus 20 degrees Celsius, which exposes them to damage in the event of a power outage. He explained that the use of generators may affect the accuracy of the results and delay their release This leads to waste of large quantities of examination materials and expensive consumables. At the same time, the Ministry of Health announced its fear of the repercussions of the power outage on the lives of (120) infants in nurseries in Hospitals Sector

Al-Mezan Center, expressing its fear of the dangerous effects of the electricity crisis on health services, especially laboratories and blood banks in hospitals, warns of its repercussions on the lives of Gaza residents, especially The sick, the elderly, and children who are required to stay home.

Al-Mezan Center renews its warning of a real disaster threatening the Gaza Strip, in light of the spread of Corona virus outside the quarantine centers, and calls on the international community To support the capacities of local authorities to prevent the epidemic from spinning out of control. The center had warned dozens of times about the disastrous and profound effects of the ongoing Israeli siege What caused the weakening of the capacities of the health sector and other sectors. The tightened blockade deprives the Gaza Strip of opportunities to control the epidemic, which requires the immediate lifting of the blockade, and the provision of effective support that enhances Capabilities of local authorities to contain the epidemic and deal with patients.

Accordingly, Al-Mezan Center calls on the international community to immediately and effectively intervene, and to pressure the occupying power to lift its blockade Immediately providing the sector with its needs of fuel, electricity, and supporting the health sector with all its needs.

by hmn.X.gaza

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