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challenge the blockade and unemployment

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The women of Gaza challenge the blockade and unemployment. A woman from Gaza works with her husband in the carpentry industry to earn money and help her family. I wish them a livelihood and I am proud and honor them with all the respect and appreciation to the lady of Gaza. Woman from my country, Palestinian woman.

Committed woman. Militant woman. Resistant woman. Active woman. Female fighter. Woman on all fronts. Brave woman. Patient woman. Determined woman. Solidarity woman. Worthy woman. Song of our hope. Origin of our knowledge. Guarantor of our future. Remedy for our wounds. Wealth of our land. A great tribute to a smile, to a value, and to sacrifices. Respect our women. Well done Palestinian women. Long live the women.

Long live to my master, who supports the Gaza issue, who sees the Gaza Strip being on the moon.

by hmn.X.gaza

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