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Amputee woman, Worthy woman

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I am a Palestinian woman, I am a strong woman like Falestine. I'm a warrior woman like Gaza. I lost a leg on the walk home. On the borders of Gaza. Directly targeted by an Israeli sniper. Real and explosive bullets. How awful! An occupant who destroys, who kills and who sows terror. In front of a complicit silence of a passive official world. I will keep the aftereffects for life. What desolation! Cruelty has no limit. What a shame to target civilians! Shame on those who hurt the oppressed! Why this hatred? My husband was murdered in an Israeli bombing. Leaving me with three children. Terrible! A real tragedy! Yes sad, terribly sad!

I am upset. My heart is broken. With hidden tears, I challenge my handicap. In great distress I lead my life. With the nobility of my soul. I work with dignity on the earth. To raise my children well. In all dignity! They forgot about these criminals. That no one can break the will of a brave people. That our strength is a power of hope. I am an example of these fighting women. I resist with my head held high With my remarkable will My determination, my courage and my endurance. Our resilience is an act of life in Gaza. I still have hope Convinced that the fight with dignity will ultimately win,

I'm working on this little piece of land. My weapon is to resist on my land. This Palestinian land that teaches us Life, peace and hope. Yes, the olive trees keep growing in Gaza. I am the voice of reason and of humility. I have no hate. I'm not asking for help or charity. I demand justice! And an answer to this question: Until when will the impunity of this blind occupation take place?

by hmn.X.gaza

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