Welcome to you people who live on the earthly time, yes you, do you have electricity, water, lunch, medicine, education and health? Occupation, nothing is available, all this is a lot, but now Dear friend, The life of the poor in the Gaza Strip has become very difficult due to the Israeli blockade that has been going on for 14 years, as the blockade has caused a shortage of jobs, closed crossings, and cut off electricity, food aid And now we are going through much more difficult circumstances due to the new Corona virus that has infected us within the community in the Gaza Strip And government agencies implemented a curfew, preventing civilians from leaving their homes But the question is how will poor children work, how will we live, how will we eat, who will compensate us Why are you forcing us to stay at home when you do not provide us with food? People here are very hungry and have no final source of income I hope the end of the Israeli occupation and the disappearance of the new Corona virus.

Please my friend, you must tell your friends that we will raise an amount of 500 dollars to provide food baskets except for the poor families in the community who have been disrupted by the Corona virus.

If you get and collect $ 500 from your friends, we will be able to implement a food baskets project for the poor, the needy, and orphans. We will add in the lunch basket of canned beans, rice, meat boxes, sugar, pasta, eggs and all necessary for the families' emergency needs of food supplies. Please collect this amount if every person donates 10Dollars We must reach $ 500 to be able to cover poor families.

Thank you very much and my respect to you very much and to the great Japanese people. Your friend Hamda from Palestine / Gaza Greetings to you.

by hmn.X.gaza

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